They’re helping us build the widest sports network in the world.


BallerTV was founded in 2016 by co-founders Robert Angarita and Aaron Hawkey to provide live video coverage of amateur sports while creating sports media job opportunities in local communities. As of 2018, BallerTV is now a coast-to-coast operation with a network of thousands of broadcasters across the country.

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BallerTV started in 2016 with a scrappy 6-man development team — the startup is now at 20 full-time office staff (with locations in Pasadena, CA and Springfield, MA) and roughly 3,500 broadcasting operations staff coast-to-coast — a number that's growing every day. From software engineers, to sales staff to operations managers, our company is constantly innovating broadcasting and logistics solutions to build the world’s widest sports network.

BallerTV assembles fearless teams, trained to dominate operations challenges and 
deliver top-notch content to subscribers.

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At BallerTV we believe if we stay true to our core values, we'll have a once in a generation opportunity to change the landscape of sports broadcasting

Don’t Play Scared

We are going big, and willing to take calculated risks in pursuit of our mission.

Win the "Right" Way

Success without integrity is failure. We always put team first and treat all of our stakeholders with the utmost respect.

Confidence from Preparedness

John Wooden famously said, "failing to prepare is preparing to fail." Our confidence comes from being over-prepared for any situation.

Everyone Films

We are scrappy and we do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. We all have to broadcast.

Move Without the Ball

We’re constantly trying to create opportunities for our teammates by finding ways to be helpful — even when the spotlight isn’t on us.

Leave it All on the Floor

Lakers had Kobe, we’ve got "Bobe." Bobe’s work ethic is unmatched and is the example by which all of us should follow. We finish strong and leave it all on the floor.


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